Our latest documentary is now on the film festival circuit... 

How do you contain the human desire to dance? Especially when it forms the heart of your cultural identity.


In Canada, in a landmark case of government oppression, 23 indigenous men and women off British Columbia’s coast, were jailed for being themselves. Now, decades later, the society that once found them barbaric and ‘unchristian’, embrace them with wonderment and spiritual curiosity. Their call to dance is, and always has been...beyond human power.

We're honoured to be an official selection of the Available Light Film Festival.  It's exciting for the film's director, Gordon Loverin to make his festival debut in his home town of Whitehorse!

Developed with the participation of

BC Tax Incentive

Our Latest Documentary Shorts are Streaming on CBC GEM...

We've made a series of 5-minute documentaries for CBC's Creator Network. Have a look at a couple of them, now streaming on CBC:

The Blue Rose


The story of in Indigenous woman who's dealing with childhood trauma by literally fighting back.

Directed by: Pamela Jones

Love in the Mix

Two young women share their culture with Canadians through food at Vancouver-based Syrian catering company, Tayybeh.

Directed by: Gordon Loverin

Both shorts were featured on CBC News in Vancouver and on "On the Coast" with Gloria Macarenko