It’s 1492...

​...a group of progressive First Nations explorers lands on the shores of Europe, fulfilling an ancient prophecy that speaks to meeting the "Cloud People".  However, they have a more urgent need: to harvest new DNA that will save their people from extinction.  Will they be welcomed, scorned or hunted down as hostile invaders?

​Kanata breaks stereotypes and turns the story of "First Contact" upside down.

10 x 1 hour Series

TOP 25!


The stalled life of a lonely middle-aged man gets a jump-start when he takes a road trip to deliver a vintage car to his estranged daughter.  But as people from his past keep appearing in the rear view mirror, his newly spiritual best friend, must conduct a powerful ritual to help him reconnect with who he is, and restore his relationship with those he loves.

The script for "Restoration" placed in the "Top 10" in the Cannes Screenwriting Competition.


A man disgraced in front of his community must find his way to forgiveness, while his boyhood enemy plots to keep him from exposing the truth in the gamble of a lifetime.

We're excited to set this compelling story of a family struggling to rise above their private shame, in the public arena of stick gambling.  Stick gambling,  a traditional game popular in Indigenous cultures across North America, is a game of chance, of cunning and strategy  that is theatrical in its presentation. Players gyrate and dance to distract their opponents from seeing what is really going on; from learning the truth.